Big Bro and the Big Apple

My trip starts with familiarity. I met up with my  brother Josh in NYC to spend a few days eating dollar slices and throwing back beers with old college friends. We had an AEPi reunion of epic proportions last night at a bar appropriately called Epsteins. Three days was a perfect amount of time to spend in the city. I saw most of my friends and familiarized myself with living out of a backpack. Before thrusting myself into foreign cultures, I got my feet wet in New York.

I write this post from my flight to Israel, which is another place where I feel at home. It doesn’t even seem real that I am returning to Israel only a few years after my Tel Aviv summer. I suppose it will hit me when I get off the plane tomorrow morning.

My birthright group of 39 is diverse with an outstanding girl to guy ratio of 26:13. I’m also the youngest person on the trip. I met one girl who introduced herself by saying she can’t make out with anyone because her tooth got knocked out last week and she has a fake one. The boyfriend line has been dropped on me many times, but this bomb was a first…should be an interesting trip.

This massive adventure begins with the conclusion of an amazing month; the Month of Stein. Ben Stein and I shredded Colorado, sailed down to Key West, and crushed NYC. My life might be months shorter because of the Month of Stein, but it was worth every second. I know how rare it is to have so much time to spend with a best homie after college. We didn’t take any of it for granted.

Next time in Jerusalem,


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