Crohn’s Chronicles I 


Only a few hours into my birthright trip, I met a another guy who takes Humira. He has psoriasis and does not have pens with him because he only has to do the injection once every other week. It’s amazing how common it is to take the drug.

Included in this post is a photo of how I’m lugging around my Humira pens for the next four months. I only have nine pens with me but my parents are bringing another four to Vietnam. I am still four pens short because insurance won’t cover the last month. I’m obviously not paying the $6500 it would cost for the pens out of pocket, so we’ll figure something out.

As far as keeping the Humira cold goes, the ice packs in my lunchbox will do the job for a while. Currently, the lunchbox is in an ice tray in the back of my plane. These types of logistics are going to be an everyday part of my travels. I’m excited to take on the challenge.



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