From Russia with Love

My Russian friend Leo is on the left

My Russian friend Leo is on the left

Below is a guest post submitted by my birthright buddy Leo Mikinberg. Enjoy it!

“I had an amazing opportunity to have dinner with family in Israel. Around the table sat 5 adults that I’ve been introduced to at some point in my life (rather briefly), and 6 amazing kids, I met for the first time, which will continu that branch of the family tree. Just before diving in to our Passover feast , I Skyped my babushka (grandma) in the states. In Russian she asked me “did they receive you as family?”

The answer to that question , a resounding “Yes”, echoed in my head at that dinner table and every time I reflected on my 13 days in Israel. From the amazing 39 people on the trip to the Rabbi at the Mikvah to the 7 Israeli’s who joined us, every one received me as family. It’s from that familiarity we were trampolined towards friendships that will not be soon forgotten.”

-Leo Mikinberg, 26. New York City


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