Island life is not real life 

Our thai adventure started with island hopping through the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. After two weeks of exploring Samui, Phangan, and Phi Phi, I longed for the luxuries of mainland living.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the islands. My favorite was Koh Phi Phi, which is a large island off the coast of Krabi. A majority of the island, however, is covered by mountainous terrain inhabited by monkeys. Most of what happens in Phi Phi is constricted to a small strip of land that cannot be more than a few kilometers long. The town is a small walking village full of shops, street food, and bars.

I hiked to a viewpoint and snapped this photo. This small strip of land is the heart of Phi Phi.


The beach on the right of the strip is lined with bars that also function as hostels. We stayed at one of these bar/hostels for three nights. Check out the view from our hostel below.

Not bad for $10 a night


It’s absurd that the beauty surrounding us became so normal. The landscapes of these islands were far too stunning for photographs to properly capture.

Phi Phi was the rare combination of party town and breathtaking natural beauty. We partied on the beach next to fire dancers at night and explored the island by day. For $7 each, we spent an afternoon hanging out with monkeys, snorkeling, and relaxing at secluded beaches on the small islands off of Phi Phi. 

I took this photo of another “longtail” boat cruising by us



Monkey business on monkey beach


While Island life in Thailand is extemely fun, it isn’t sustainable for too long. Midday heat on these islands is intense, and air conditioning is always difficult to find. Our hostel in Phi Phi was a bar first and a hostel second. The “mattresses” we slept on were basically the same mats that kids take naps on in kindergarten. And of course the electricity for the entire island would shut off randomly. We spent full days in Phangan and Phi Phi with no power. In the States, this occurrence would be national news. In Thailand, life goes on and the party doesn’t stop. I got accustomed to this way of life. But after two weeks of it, my comfortable air conditioned hostel in mainland Krabi Town is just perfect.


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