Bangkok has us now

Many of the people I meet on the road have a negative attitude towards Bangkok. It’s dirty and it smells, so get out after a couple days because there’s not much to do anyways. I spent three and half days in Thailand’s capital city, and had a more fulfilling experience than anyone I’ve spoken to so far. 

Most of my time was spent near Khao San road, which is the Bourbon Street of Bangkok. We sat with locals in the cheap seats of thai boxing fights and attended ping pong shows (don’t google that at work).

Khao San Road at night


We nosh on scorpions with our new friend Jake on Khao San Road.

 By day, we visited the grand palace and some of the other enourmous Buddha temples that fill the city. Being a Jew, it was strange to see these people bowing down and praying to idles. Daniel Azneer joined my trip and provided a wealth of Buddhism knowledge. It seems like more an ideology than a religion; an ideology based on happiness and kindness to others. I can dig that.

A group of monks in training pray to the Buddha

Bangkok is a massive super city. The divide between upper and lower classes in this city is clear from a tourist perspective. I saw slums lining the canals where families live in boxes covered with sheet metal. So as I sipped on a manhattan overlooking Bangkok from the 45th floor of the five-star marriot hotel, I felt very privileged. Thanks to my Grandma Arlene, who had enough marriot points to book the room for a night, I was able to experience Bangkok from top to bottom.

A quick summary of my day at the marriot:

  1. Check in to our beautiful room
  2. Quick work out at the gym
  3. Complimentary head and neck massage at the pool
  4. Swimming at infinity pool
  5. Bath overlooking Bangkok from 31st floor  
  6. Shopping and movie at extremely upscale mall (nicest movie theatre I’ve ever seen)
  7. Sushi dinner and drinks at the sky bar on 45th floor

Now we’re making the not-so-smooth transition from 5 star living back to hostel life in Chiang Mai. 


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