Spicy Pai

Every backpacker in Thailand swears that Pai is one of those “must-go” destinations. It’s a very small hippy town in Northern Thailand, just south of the border with China. The city has one main road lined with reggae bars and small restaurants. The backpackers either have man-buns or dreads. Even the Thai locals have dreads. We had to spend three days in Pai because it is indeed a necessary stop in Thailand.

I cannonball into a chilly waterfall pool in Pai

Aside from the beautiful waterfall hikes, the natural water slides, and the amazing viewpoints, our visit to Pai was unique because of our hostel. We booked three nights at a hostel just a few minutes from the main road called Spicy Pai. It is a very popular spot, one that we had to book months in advance. Why? Because it consists of three cozy wooden huts on a rice paddy. I was basically camping in a postcard of northern Thailand with a bunch of other backpackers from around the world.

The hostel sits on the side of a rice paddy.

Our view from the common area of Spicy Pai.

The hut on the left is the communal area of Spicy Pai. Backpackers hung out there smoking cigarettes and drinking all day and night. The hut on the right is where we slept. It had about 24 beds.

My bed was the top bunk on the far right. We slept under mosquito nets to avoid being eaten up in the middle of the night and getting malaria. I could hear the craziest noises all night; from dogs howling to roosters crowing and bugs chirping.


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