I get a Vietnamese haircut. Hilarity ensues


Pre-Vietnamese haircut. My lettuce was out of control in the extreme humidity. Something had to be done.

I needed a haircut. My last haircut was in mid-March, before I left for my journeys. The heat in Asia is too intense for my thick Jew hair. Vietnam is the start of the next chapter of my trip, and a fresh dew was the perfect way to bring about this new beginning.

I walked into a hair salon near my hostel in the old quarter of Hanoi. Only one person in the small salon spoke a bit of English. They washed my hair, and massaged my head and face. 

Then I sat down in the salon chair. To my dismay, the one English speaking dude wasn’t the stylist. Some other guy walked up and began to put on my smock. At this point I got nervous because I really expected them to let me choose a hairstyle from something like a hair fashion catalogue. After all, I tend to be pretty conservative with my hair cuts. I could tell the stylist had no intention of asking what style I wanted, so I spoke up and mumbled something about a book. The English speaking guy responded, “We make you look like a movie star!” A moment later, my hair started to fall to the ground. Lots of it. I started laughing and let it happen. The whole treatment cost around $8.

A close up of my new cut. It’s a bold look that I’m excited about. Lots of the Europeans I meet have hair like this, so I finally feel like a real traveler.

The owner of the salon asked for a picture with me. I doubt they will use it to advertise.

Current photo. My clothes are at the laundromat. Yes, I smell bad too.


4 thoughts on “I get a Vietnamese haircut. Hilarity ensues

  1. You didn’t go to one of the ‘hair cut men’ near the Temple of Literature? They work against the wall, in the open air, out on the street. All day, tufts of black hair roll gentle down the laneways – you could have added your hair to one of the icons of the Ha Noi street scene.

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