Living in a google image search


Sunset over Ha Long Bay

Take a minute and google Ha Long Bay. Jagged tree-covered mountains burst randomly out of the water. It’s one of those places that leaves you asking “how does this even happen?” You walk away frustrated with the inability of your camera to capture what you’re actually seeing.

We took a three day, two night party boat trip on Ha Long Bay. The whole trip was inclusive with the exception of alcohol. To be honest, it was so nice to take a vacation from backpacking. I didn’t have to make any plans or decisions for three whole days.

Chill area on the top deck of our boat

Views from this deck were absurd

The rooms were clean and spacious…

…but we didn’t have much privacy because these ladies pulled up to our window all night to sell us stuff

I climbed up a cliff and jumped off of it. Click on the following link to view the video. It was terrifying.

The company has a private bungalow beach that we stayed in for night two of the excursion. We got hammered with the other Brits and Irish folk in our group to finish the trip (Side note- Irish people really dance Irish jigs when they party). Ha Long Bay provided for a truly amazing vacation; now back to the everyday grind of backpacking life.


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