All suited up


I got two suits and six shirts for about $300

Every traveler in Asia knows that you should spend three days in Hoi An, but not because of the charming ancient town or the pristine beach. Hoi An is famous for its skillful tailors who make custom clothes for a ridiculously cheap price. In fact, just about every single storefront in this city is a tailor’s shop.

I went to a shop called Miss Forget Me Not. The suits were $100 or $130 for nicer material.

“Can we do $80?” I asked.

“Sure, but the quality will be much worse.”

In Asia, it’s rare to find people who will do business straight up and haggle free. I instantly knew I was at the right place.

The walls were lined with fabric options

On day one, I chose two suits and three shirts. They were finished by the next morning. I’ll never forget trying on the jacket and pants. They fit like a glove. These clothes were made to be on my body. The feeling was somewhat intoxicating. I almost pulled the trigger on buying another suit before Daniel held me back, reminding me that I rarely wear suits in the first place. I settled by adding another three shirts to my order. After a few alterations, all of our clothes were ready to be shipped back to the States by day three.

The entire process was so easy, and it was definitely one of the most fun three days of my trip. I couldn’t help but think of my grandfather Poppi, who made people feel dignified and special as a tailor his entire life. Now I just need to find some formal affairs (galas, debutante balls, etc) so I can wear all this awesome stuff.


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