The night(mare) bus

The bus sleeper chairs are not designed for western-sized people

Daniel wrote a post on his blog about our night bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang that hit the nail on the head. Read it below, and give his travel blog ( a visit too.

“A pretty common way of traveling through Vietnam is by night bus. It’s cheaper than a train and can get you to your next destination a couple hours quicker. I had already taken the night bus from Hanoi to Hue last week and the experience was not bad at all, aside from the strange disco lighting on the bus. 

I was expecting a similar experience on our bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang. A little uncomfortable but nothing sleeping pills couldn’t handle. Wow  was I wrong. 

The bus was in a little worse shape and had the standard piss and blue urinal cake smell  most coach buses have. Nothing too alarming. 

After the bus started moving things started to change. The TVs turned on and played old Tom and Jerry episodes but with slightly different music. 

From Paris to Berlin, every disco I get in. My heart is pumping for love…

 6 PM the music starts. 

The funny techno and Tom and Jerry was entertaining at first. Then the hours started to pass. 

7 PM. Vietnamese comedy

8 PM. Vietnamese Techno

9 PM. Some sort of Chinese opera

10 PM. Techno again. 

11 PM. More Techno. 

12 AM. Techno. 

Keep in mind the whole time the music is blasting at max volume. I couldn’t listen to any podcasts or my own music because all I could hear was this shit over it. 

Eventually the Valium I purchased before the bus ride kicks in. I fell asleep but only for a few hours before the music inexplicably got louder. 

2 AM. Why the fuck would you be playing music louder at this time? But this time it isn’t techno or Vietnamese music. Just the same 15 seconds of some elevator tune over and over again 

3 AM. The loop of this elevator music is driving me crazy. I started to question was I the only one hearing this? Was this in my head? How is the rest of the bus asleep! Half the bus was full of Vietnamese people. How were they cool with this bullshit?

4 AM. Still going strong. 15 seconds at a time. Is this some cruel form of Vietnamese torture?

I take another Valium. Despite the risk of overdose. 

Sleeper bus is a misnomer.”

-Daniel Azneer, 23. Austin, Texas


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