The greatest of barrier reefs

For every sport, there is a spot in the world that is the best place in the world for that activity. I’ve quickly realized that Australia is home to a number of these places. What’s the best place in the world to snorkel? I doubt many people would argue for any other location besides the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Jake and I left the coffee and culture of Melbourne for the tropical city of Cairnes in northeast Australia. The city has a subtle Key West vibe to it. People are there to do outdoor water activities by day and party by night. We signed up for a snorkel/dive day trip on the northern portion of the Great Barrier Reef, which ultimately covers roughly 2300 kilometers. My history with snorkeling to this point didn’t include much more than my amazing experiences in Asia. Still, I doubt that many other reefs house the sea life that I was exposed to here in Australia. Throughout the day, we had to pinch ourselves at the thought of where we were snorkeling. See a few of my  pictures below.

Dudeeee. Sea turtles are the chillest animals in the GBR. We slowly swam with this one for a while.

I chased after this shy reef shark. His half speed was way faster than my full speed.

Heaps of fish feast around the coral.

These dope sea clams were all over the reef.



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