Southbound for the summer


South America is next on my radar. I have never been before, and I’m really excited to check it out. When choosing travel destinations, I try to find places that combine rich foreign culture with an abundance of nature and outdoor activities. Peru seems like the perfect spot. 

I’m traveling to Peru for about three weeks with my good friend David, who is also a medical student. We are currently enjoying the summer between our first and second years of medical school. This particular summer is special because it is the last summer break we’ll ever get. I have time and student loan money to blow, so I just had to go. 

Three weeks is nothing compared to my epic 4.5 month trek to Asia and Oceania last year, but three weeks is still more time than most Americans ever get to travel in a year. I will certainly try to make the most of every second.

Machu Picchu is the first thing that comes to mind when considering Peru. Dave and I will absolutely hike MP, but we’re also committed to seeing the lesser-traveled-to places in this vast country. In three weeks, we will have enough time to make the trip much more than a Machu Picchu experience. 

We are totally those gringos that don’t speak a word of Spanish. For some reason we both took French in high school. I’ve been studying Spanish for the past 48 hours and asking for the bathroom and for a beer is my most advanced knowledge so far. I’m optimistic that will be good enough.


2 thoughts on “Southbound for the summer

  1. Hey Jacob will you be carrying Humira along this time ? If so will you be blogging about it ? What are you doing regarding yellow fever vaccines ?


    • Hey Joe,

      I am traveling with Humira again, and I will be sure to blog about it soon. I’m still carrying it around in a lunchbox with ice packs. I did not get any vaccinations for this trip, and I don’t think I need them because I’m not spending time in the Amazon.

      Thanks for following,


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