Crohn’s Chronicles III

I am thrilled to note that during the course of my four and a half month trip around the world, I did not have to start a cycle of prednisone. I did become a bit more symptomatic at certain points throughout the journey, and I almost brought myself to call my GI and get his approval to start on prednisone. Thankfully, these mini-flares (possibly due to my stomach adjusting to new foods, etc) went away just in the knick of time. I certainly did not want the powerful mood-affecting steroid to impact my experience. Continue reading


The Arts Factory


The Arts Factory in Byron Bay

Over the past three months, I’ve slept in many different beds in all sorts of hostels. Hostels are the backbone of the international backpacker culture. We eat, drink, sleep, and meet most of our new friends in these cheap accommodations. Some are party hostels, where you can either join the communal craziness or lay awake in bed trying to ignore the ruckess. Others are non-social hostels that simply provide a bed to sleep in while you spend most of your time in the city. Then there’s the Arts Factory in Byron Bay. I’ve never experienced a vibe like this at any hostel. It’s going to be very difficult to put into words. Continue reading