Crohn’s Chronicles III

I am thrilled to note that during the course of my four and a half month trip around the world, I did not have to start a cycle of prednisone. I did become a bit more symptomatic at certain points throughout the journey, and I almost brought myself to call my GI and get his approval to start on prednisone. Thankfully, these mini-flares (possibly due to my stomach adjusting to new foods, etc) went away just in the knick of time. I certainly did not want the powerful mood-affecting steroid to impact my experience. Continue reading


Long live the king


A subtle tribute to the king in a train station

The cinema experience in Bangkok is similar to seeing a movie in the States except for two details. First, the movie theaters in Bangkok are massive and extemely luxurious. Second, we had to stand for a two minute tribute to the king of Thailand before the movie started. Everyone stood in the theater as we watched a video with pictures of this man growing crops, waving to the people, playing saxophone and taking pictures (two of his biggest hobbies). It was weird.

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Spicy Pai

Every backpacker in Thailand swears that Pai is one of those “must-go” destinations. It’s a very small hippy town in Northern Thailand, just south of the border with China. The city has one main road lined with reggae bars and small restaurants. The backpackers either have man-buns or dreads. Even the Thai locals have dreads. We had to spend three days in Pai because it is indeed a necessary stop in Thailand.

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Lannnna ma ma ma 


We pose with 15 day old Lanna. The command for her to come to us is “ma ma ma ma”. When she charged at us, we stepped aside, and she ran right by.

Chiang Mai is an ancient city with youthful exuberance. It’s a major city but still small and easily walkable. Coffee shops, restaurants, and bars line the streets. The city also has a nightly market, which is like a bigger Saturday morning market in St. Petersburg. If I was an ex-pat in Thailand, I would settle down in Chiang Mai.

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Bangkok has us now

Many of the people I meet on the road have a negative attitude towards Bangkok. It’s dirty and it smells, so get out after a couple days because there’s not much to do anyways. I spent three and half days in Thailand’s capital city, and had a more fulfilling experience than anyone I’ve spoken to so far. 

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Crohn’s Chronicles II

I write this with a giant knock on the side of my wooden bunk bed. My stomach is feeling great. Or at least as great as anyone’s stomach would feel while eating foreign foods (pad thai everyday) and drinking on a regular basis. I would like to think it’s due to a combination of good medication and positive attitude. I’m not thinking about my stomach nearly as much as I did before the trip.

Most importantly, my humira is staying cold.

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The half moon changed us


The only photo any of us have of the half moon party

I have to break the chronological order of my blog to tell the story of what was definitely one of the most fun nights of my life. I have not written about it and I don’t really know why. Maybe because I couldn’t make sense of it just yet. Nothing has changed, but the least I can do is put the story on paper so I don’t forget about the Koh Phangan half moon Songkran party on April 12th.
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